The Great American #KayakCrawl

When we started dropping docks three years ago at our private river launch on Milwaukee's Riverfront Marina, we didn't really know how we'd make kayaks a bone fide business. All we knew is that we loved the Milwaukee River, kayaking, and having a good time on the water.

This year we're introducing a few more formalities, such as this website, We feel that if we're going to keep buying kayaks (we can't stop!) we may as well add some guided tours to the mix and have more fun with it than last year. Fun is the name of the game, right?

That's why were kicking off the 2018 kayaking season with something we've dubbed the Kayak Crawl, or to give it an entertaining spin that captures what you're in for, we're calling it, The Great American Kayak Crawl.

So what is a #kayakcrawl other than a cool hashtag? It's a pub crawl on the Milwaukee river that MKE Tours provides those excited to make the most of Milwaukee's brewpubs, breweries, and river in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. The crawl isn't only for those that want to visit Milwaukee, it's for those that want an authentic MKE experience that live, play and work here too.

What's authentic about a MKE Tours experience?

We're homegrown, not backed by any corporate money or a polished tour company vibe. We paddle out of passion and kayaking keeps us active while we get away from the kids/dogs for a few hours and have some fun. You'll see this when you arrive for your tour with a tent, grill, and coolers you can fill with cold beer. Not that you'll need too much beer (bring water!), the best part of the paddle is the stopping by breweries and bars along the river where we tie up, imbibe, rinse, and repeat. It's awesome.

The whole tour is guided so we'll do our best to keep things fun, safe, and keeping on time as you and your crew obey the rules of the river.

We'll supply guidance, maps, vests, gear, boats, history, beer tokens and other items to make this an unforgettable experience. Yes, that includes photo/video to share with your friends too!

You're welcome to take photos/video and share away as you paddle down the canals and make history. We'll hit you up with history and facts the whole time too if you like, most people just want to relax, that's what a kayak crawl is - a fun, fine, relaxing time. No experience necessary.

We hope to see you soon and are open for questions, before, during and after your Great American Kayak Experience.

Are you ready to paddle? Spots are filling up fast for The Great American Kayak Crawl!


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