Introducing, Our 414 Tour

Today, 4/14/2019 has been designated by the mayor and the city of the Milwaukee as, "Milwaukee Day". It's a fun area code fueled "holiday" where local businesses offer $4.14 deals and events found in the OnMilwaukee guide such as Good City brewing pints, or a subscription to Milwaukee Magazine for a whole year for the low price of... you guesses it. $4.14. The greater holiday was started by some friends of mine and it's actually gained notoriety that it was featured on Jeopardy once. Pretty unreal. Full of fun events.

With the 414 pledge, the figure becomes a bit more meaningful in that we can dedicate 4.14% of a tour to a local cause. That's what makes the "414 tour" such an exciting new tour to offer the city of Milwaukee, from Milwaukee native and local company, MKE Tours.

The tour starts with cheese, ends over a plate of sausage and steins. This is the perfect way to start your day on any given Saturday in the city of Milwaukee. While Milwaukee certainly has a progressive side to it, we're not that interested in that part as every city strives to be more modern and trendy. At MKE Tours we're more interested in sharing the honored traditions of what makes our city unique, celebrate it's original settlers artisans and tradesman that make Milwaukee famous world over.

milwaukee steins

This walking tour start in the morning, if you can somehow get through the cheese and sausage stops, you can order yourself a traditional Bavarian Breakfast. That's right, Milwaukee is steeped in German culture and that's why the 414 tour rings true as a good representative walking tour backed by the #414pledge where we dedicate 4.14% of the profits to the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation, a 501(c)(3) a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation for educational and charitable purposes.


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