The Hoppy Hop Tour

In 1860, Milwaukee opened the first line of its original streetcar system using horse-drawn streetcars. The system continued to grow in the late 19th century and into the early 20th century, culminating in a large network of electric streetcar lines. Then it went away.

Recently, it's returned. It's called, "The Hop" The hop is an urban light rail system that goes through Milwaukee's near west side, third ward and downtown areas.

hop bloody tour

So let's ride it and stop by some establishments' along the way. What to do? We got you!

Booze. Well, booze and beer. In fact, you can get both in one order with the world famous, "Bloody Mary". In Milwaukee, the bloody mary has been taken to a new level. Not only does every bloody mary in Wisconsin come with a beer chaser, in Milwaukee the bloody mary often looks like this.

Now, we don't expect that you'll really want to order a bloody mary that looks like that, but you're welcome to if you visit Sobelman's down the street from where we start - so we've pretty much reverse engineered the idea to include smaller bloodies and bigger beers. (Or no beer, but that's not recommended on this tour.)

Come join us on the hoppy hop tour and learn more about the city of Milwaukee, it's buildings, it's politics, it's beer, Wisconsin hops, and bloodies.

We'd love to have you, and have you have another. We're aligned with local public transit and ride sharing to get to back to your hotel or where you need to go. So get ready for an afternoon of shopping, bloodies, hoppy beer on a craft beer pub crawl/bloody mary crawl that focuses on a signature drink in a signature town, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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