The Cream City Coffee Crawl

Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee... these aren't the first places you'd think the best coffee in the world is being brewed, but you'd be wrong. The upper midwest and Milwaukee specifically has some of the most progressive coffee roasting companies in North America. Colectivo, Stone Creek, Anodyne, Kickapoo... these names aren't familiar to you now, they will be.

MKE Tours offers the city's first coffee crawl starting at a roaster and sampling the best cold brew and fresh brew options along the way. Milwaukee is home to an artisan culture of of DIY entrepreneurs that have built a new brew baron culture of local first, employee first, coffee culture that makes this small market sing.

We'll start this tour at a coffee roaster, learn how they train their staff and infuse their culture with a coffee first mentality that extends across the upper midwest.

This short, fun tour will not only tell you the history of the bean in brew city, but tell you about all the brewers in the city, their names, where they're located and how to get there.

Join us for a morning cup and start your weekend out right with the best brew, brew city has to offer!

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